Let me express to you the respect and invite you to the Rainbow Hostel Moscow - Hostel in the heart of Moscow.
What is a Hostel? " Hostel - it is the cheapest way to sleep on a clean bed and hot shower. Hostels are popular among young people from abroad, more accustomed to such service than their Russian peers.
Due to the hostel so many young people and, in particular, poorer students got the opportunity to travel from town to town and stay in cheap and very cheerful youth hostel.
First, you can rent a place, not the room in general, which is much cheaper, and secondly - here provide an excellent opportunity to meet and communicate with peers from around the world.

Our adress: Luchnikov Lane, house 7/4, buliding 6, 4 th floor, Moscow, Russia, 101000 +7-915-213-92-14
+7 (495) 623-63-23


  • Hostel automatically means less money spent on accommodation in such an expensive city as Moscow. We set reasonable prices to follow this rule. We are interested in you comfort, so there are no more than 6 people in a room. Most of the rooms are only 4 travelers.


  • And, finally, we do believe that atmosphere of the accommodation plays a very important role in your trip no matter what business you have in Moscow. Luckily, Rainbow stuff is really friendly to each other and to our guests so please donít hesitate to visit us soon.